Bring your golf clubs back to life!

with the Golf Club Care Kit
from Club Doctor

before and after photo using the club doctor golf club care kit

The results speak for themselves! You will love the way your golf clubs look and feel after using this kit.

What's inside

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Club Doctor - Golf Club Care Kit provides all the essentials to clean, polish, and rejuvenate your golf clubs, keeping them in peak condition for optimal performance.

Hear what others are saying

Packaging is really solid. Leather bag to hold the cleaning agents is a nice touch. Ease of use - very easy to use and there are lots of videos on how to use it. Performance absolutely brilliant! .jpg__PID:23e02478-7477-4364-bb09-1356b16a53df

Works on all clubs types

Including drivers, irons, and putters!

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How it works

Here is a video tutorial on how to use the Golf Club Care Kit!