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Adam Riedel - Sep 7 2022

Moving into the Colder Months

While we move into the colder months of the golf season, there are a few important things to keep in mind. Temperature can have a huge impact on many parts of your golf game. It's important to prepare properly and understand how you may want to approach the game differently.

Club up in the cold. We all love those hot summer days when the ball flies forever and your ball rolls out an extra 30 yards on the hard fairways. As temperatures drop, so do carry distances. In cold temperatures, your muscles will not be nearly as loose as they are on those hot humid days. Additionally, your golf ball will react similarly. Colder temperatures mean less compression and less distance. So next time you golf in the cold and you have a shot that should be a smooth 9 iron, hit an 8. 

Walk, don't ride. If you're able to walk, your body with thank you. When thinking about this, it made complete sense to me. On those hot summer days, I would sometimes opt to take a cart to stay cool. So, to stay warm, why not walk? It keeps the blood flowing and is good exercise! When your playing partners are hitting, you won't be sitting in the cart freezing your butt off. 

Keep realistic expectations. Chances are, you're not going to be breaking any records when playing in the cold. The game is simply harder when the temperature drops. Even the professionals don't play as well. Be kind to yourself and accept that you may not be scoring as well as you usually do.