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Adam Riedel - July 20 2022

Slippery Grips in the Summer?

Earlier this month I took a trip to Savannah, Georgia and was able to play a round at Southbridge Golf Club. Unfortunately, I did not fly my clubs down with me, so I had to play with rentals. I knew my game would be off because the rentals were standard length compared to my extended length clubs, but I would've never guessed that not having my own product would be what affected my game most. 

Golf in Ohio is usually very pleasant in the summer. I can comfortably walk 9 holes in the morning or evening and not get overly sweaty or hot. Knowing we were in Savannah and that it would be very warm, my girlfriend and I scheduled our tee time early in the morning with hopes of avoiding the brutal sun. Turns out, that didn't help much. We were on the first tee box a little bit after 8 AM and it was already over 90 degrees. Even though we were riding and tried to stay in the shade when possible, the sweat started to accumulate very quickly. By the third hole, I could barely hold onto my clubs anymore. The sweat from my arms mixed with the sunscreen I applied before the round was coating my golf grips. Every time I swung, it felt like the club was going to fly out of my hand. I could no long swing hard or confidently. No matter how much I tried to wipe the grips with my towel, I never felt like I had control of the golf club. 

I started to realize how valuable my Grip Enhancement Solution would have been to have during the round. Cleaning the grip every few holes would've ensured that I never lost control of my swing. A non-issue in Ohio After posting a lousy score in Savannah, I figured I would go home and never face that issue again. I will usually use my Grip Enhancement Solution every few rounds to rid my grips of the dirt and hand oils that accumulate over time. I had never felt that it was a mid-round essential product like the Club Cleaning Solution. When returning to Ohio, I figured that meant returning to the usual mid 80s weather I was used to. When checking the weather for my Tuesday night league, I quickly noticed that it was supposed to be 97 degrees right at our tee time. Tuesday night rolled around and I was prepared. I had my bag equipped with a fresh bottle of grip spray and a clean towel. Similar to the round in Savannah, it didn't take long for my clubs to feel like I was trying to hold onto a stick of butter. As soon as I started to feel like I was losing control of my club, I used the grip spray. It made a world of a difference. After a few sprays along the grip and a quick wipe, it felt brand new. The guys in my group were struggling with the same issue so I introduced them to the product. They were thoroughly impressed and loved the way that it made their grips feel. Chances are, if you golf and live somewhere hot, you've had this happen to you. I highly suggest you try the Club Doctor - Grip Enhancement Solution. I know it is my own product so obviously the goal is to promote it and get people to buy it, but I would never sell anything that I am not immensely confident in. I can guarantee that using this product will give you more control and confidence in your grips on those super hot any sunny days. If you'd like to give it a try, you can shop it below!

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