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Adam Riedel - Apr 04 2022

Why Do Clean Clubs Matter?

So what if my clubs are dirty? Have you ever watched golf on tv and wondered how they get the ball to spin back? Their caddy ensures that the club is free of dirt and that the grooves are spotless! When the golf ball comes in contact with the club, the grooves cause the ball to start spinning backward as it flies in the direction of the target. When dirt and grime collect in the grooves, they become far less effective and backspin is lost. This backspin is essential in allowing the ball to land on the green and stop on a dime. If you ever find your ball hitting the green, but rolling off the back, the lack of backspin maybe your issue!

In a study done by Today's Golfer, it was found that cleaning club grooves after every shot can increase backspin by over 100%! That increased backspin can be the difference between hitting the green and rolling off or staying on. Cleaning club grooves after every shot can increase backspin by over 100% - Today's Golfer How Club Doctor can help. It is essential to keep your clubs clean for the entire round so that your shots are consistent. When cleaning with only a towel, lots of dirt and grime is left behind and the club is not clean.

We suggest using the Club Doctor - Club Cleaning Solution. The formula is created specifically for golf clubs and contains technology that works to lift dirt from the grooves, providing a complete clean. The solution can be easily attached to your golf back with the included carabiner and tether. This allows for easy access all round. When you start using Club Doctor Club Cleaning Solution, you will see an immediate improvement in club performance and see noticeably more backspin.

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