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Adam Riedel - June 6 2022

Why would I ever polish my golf clubs?

What's the point? A common question and criticism that I often get is “Why would I ever polish my golf clubs?”. People often use the argument that, if they’re just going to get dirty and scuffed up again, what’s the point. While I understand the argument, there are several reasons why I think polishing your golf clubs is beneficial. 

Everyone knows that guy who has a car that they clean and wax seemingly every other day. One might ask, why bother cleaning it if it’s just going to get dirty the next time you drive it? It all comes down to what people are passionate about. Do I personally care if my car is clean and shining every time I drive it? Not really. That is because I am not passionate about my car and don’t enjoy cleaning it. However, when it comes to golf, I am a complete nerd. I am always looking at the newest gadgets and products to help improve my game. I find great satisfaction in polishing my golf clubs. Even when I am not on the course, I am constantly thinking about golf. Polishing my clubs gives me the excuse to do something golf-related when I can’t go golfing. While some may not understand or see the point, I believe that the most passionate golfers will feel this same satisfaction. 

Lower scores? More value? Another major benefit that I have found to come from polishing my golf clubs is an increase in confidence. Golf is a mental game and any advantage helps. Whenever I am walking out to the first hole and my clubs are shining bright and looking brand new, I feel infinitely more confident compared to when they are dull and full of dirt. Having fresh-looking, clean clubs gives you the confidence that if the club is squared up and the ball is hit well, the club is going to perform at its absolute best. I feel much more confident standing over a shot when I pull a freshly polished iron. If you don’t believe me, I suggest you give it a try. I promise you will feel increased confidence which will translate to lower scores. The last benefit I have found to come from polishing your golf clubs is the increase in value. Golf clubs are not cheap, especially buying them brand new. If you are considering buying a new set of golf clubs and plan on selling your old ones, it may not be a bad idea to polish them before selling. Spending a little bit of time to polish your old clubs may increase their value significantly. Better yet, if you regularly polish your clubs and care for them, they will stay in better condition and hold their value. I have had several used golf stores reach out to me and tell me that they now polish the clubs that come in before putting them up for sale and have been able to charge more for them as a result. So, if you’re looking to maintain or even increase the value of your golf clubs, consider polishing them regularly to help them keep their original shine. Now that you know the many benefits of polishing your clubs, you may be asking yourself, “How do I polish them?” The best way to polish your clubs is by using the Club Doctor Iron Polishing Solution. This solution is specially formulated to work on the metals that golf clubs are made from. It works quickly and effectively. Simply apply a small amount of the solution to the club head and work it into the club in a circular motion. After a few minutes, wipe away to reveal a polished and shiny club. Club Doctor Iron Polishing Solution is the highest-rated golf club polish on the market and is trusted by golfers everywhere. While many people may not understand why one would polish their golf clubs, there are many benefits. Polished clubs hold their value more and can help you play better by increasing your confidence. If you are looking for the best way to polish your clubs today, check out Club Doctor Iron Polishing Solution here!

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