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Our Story

It was during the COVID-19 pandemic when Owner of Club Doctor, Adam Riedel discovered his love for golf. What started as an occasional trip to Top Golf developed into a deep passion for the game when his father brought home an old bag of clubs found on the curb for the garbage truck.

Adam was hooked immediately and spent every waking moment of the next months practicing and playing. As his game improved, he considered buying brand new clubs, but quickly realized the steep cost attached to that. Being a junior in college attending the University of Dayton, he could not afford a new set of clubs. After realizing he could not afford new clubs, an idea popped into Adam's head. What if there was a way to restore the old clubs from the curb and make them look brand new?

After trying many different metal polishes, he was disappointed in the results. It was in this moment that the idea for Club Doctor came to life. After months of testing and development, Club Doctor Iron Polishing Solution was released.

 Customer response to the Iron Polishing Solution was great and Adam knew he was onto something. Fast forward to present day, Club Doctor is the #1 golf club care brand with a variety of products. By providing easy and effective solutions, we have become the go to brand for golfers all around the world.

Our story
Our mission

Our Mission

Club Doctor is the #1 golf club care solution. Our products are created by golfers for golfers. We are passionate about the game of golf and strive to provide products that improve your game and experience on the course. The solutions we provide are simple yet effective. They can be used by any golfer and will provide excellent results for all users.

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