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  • The Importance of Cleaning your Golf Clubs: Unlock Lower Scores

    This blog emphasizes the significance of cleaning golf clubs for improved performance, extended lifespan, and increased confidence. It highlights the negative impact of dirt and debris on club performance, particularly in the grooves that affect grip and spin. Regular cleaning not only maintains optimal club performance but also protects the investment made in purchasing them. The polished appearance of clean clubs enhances a golfer's professionalism and readiness, while the pure contact sensation improves shot evaluation and confidence. The article suggests two methods for cleaning clubs: the bucket method and using specialized club cleaning products. By following these cleaning techniques, golfers can ensure their clubs perform at their best, last longer, and instill a sense of pride and confidence on the course.
  • Cold Weather Golf

    Golf is challenging in the winter months. Here are some tips to play better golf.
  • My routine and thoughts before every golf shot

    Being an amateur golfer, I fall in and out of confidence. Some days, I feel like I can swing as hard as I want and the ball will go straight down t...
  • Slippery Grips in the Summer

    I knew my game would be off because the rentals were standard length compared to my extended length clubs, but I would've never guessed that not ha...
  • Why would I ever polish my golf clubs?

    A common question and criticism that I often get is “Why would I ever polish my golf clubs?”. People often use the argument that, if they’re just going to get dirty and scuffed up again, what’s the point. While I understand the argument, there are several reasons why I think polishing your golf clubs is beneficial. 
  • Why do clean clubs matter?

    You could be compromising club performance by letting dirt and grime build up. By keeping clubs clean, you can improve performance and play better golf.