• Cold Weather Golf

    Golf is challenging in the winter months. Here are some tips to play better golf.
  • My routine and thoughts before every golf shot

    Being an amateur golfer, I fall in and out of confidence. Some days, I feel like I can swing as hard as I want and the ball will go straight down t...
  • Slippery Grips in the Summer

    I knew my game would be off because the rentals were standard length compared to my extended length clubs, but I would've never guessed that not ha...
  • Why would I ever polish my golf clubs?

    A common question and criticism that I often get is “Why would I ever polish my golf clubs?”. People often use the argument that, if they’re just going to get dirty and scuffed up again, what’s the point. While I understand the argument, there are several reasons why I think polishing your golf clubs is beneficial. 
  • The Development of the Grip Enhancement Solution

    My product development process from start to finish. How I took the grip enhancement solution from concept to product.
  • Why do clean clubs matter?

    You could be compromising club performance by letting dirt and grime build up. By keeping clubs clean, you can improve performance and play better golf.